Travel tips

Here you can find some tips to make your holiday in Tanzania safe and peaceful.

DOCUMENTS: In order to travel to Tanzania you will need a passport with at least 6 months validity since the time of your arrival. It's advisable to get some information in advance either at the Embassy or Consulate of your home country or at your Travel Agency.

The official currency in Tanzania is Tanzanian Schilling (1 € = 2,000 TZS).
Most of the main credit cards are accepted, such as Visa and Master Card, but with a 3-5% extra charge. The currency change can be done at the airport and in big towns. In shops and airports dollar notes from before the year 2000 are not accepted.

LANGUAGE: The official languages in Tanzania are Kiswahili and English.

CLIMATE: Temperatures are pleasant during the whole year and oscillate from 24°C to 30°C. On the plateaus and in the parks the temperature range varies from 24°C in the daytime and 5/7°C in the nighttime. Wet-seasons take place from April to June and from October to November. Along the coastline and on the islands the climate is tropical.

VACCINATION AND MEDICAL PRECAUTIONS: Although compulsory vaccination is not required, it is advisable to undergo the prophylaxis against malaria. We advise a yellow fever vaccination certificate anyway, even though this is not cpompulsury and only necessary if you come from countries where the disease in endemic.

CLOTHES: During safari you should wear light coloured clothes, as dark colours attract insects and tsetse flies in particular. It is advisable to wear long sleeve shirts and trousers to protect you from insect stings. Shoes have to be comfortable; trainers may be too slippery for hiking, trekking shoes are preferable.

DRESS CODE: Kindly be aware that in local villages it is an offence to be dressed scarcely and to uncover the belly, the best practice is to wear trousers and long skirts, avoiding to uncover the belly.
The indispensables: sunglasses and solar cream.

PHOTO AND VIDEO SHOOTING:We strongly recommend to ask permission before taking photos or filming people. Be sure to have all the necessary devices with you, as batteries, tapes, films and so on are not easily available.

TELEPHONES: The GSM system is well spread over the whole area. International calls can be made easily from the resort and at a reasonable price from a local phone.

ELECTRICITY: Voltage is 220 volts. It is preferable to bring along electrical adapters for English plugs. Make sure you have universal voltage electrical devices.