The Resort

Bahari Pori Bandas - Tanzania - resort

Bahari Pori means "wild beach" in swahili language, it has been lately built and situated at about 10 km north from Pangani along the road that connects it to Tanga. Close to the city and to all kinds of services, it is perfectly set in the surrounding environment. The resort is 4 hectares wide and it is situated in a position above sea level.
The place is lovely, quiet and nice and it is completely built with ecological local materials: wood, coconut tree leaves and natural stone of Tanga. The resort offers 7 luxury lodges which are called "bandas" and one cottage. Inside the building there are restaurant, bar and space to relax under the shadow of the amazing baobab tree, enjoying the beautiful sea view and swimming pool and camp site.

Internet connectivity is available.

The property is completely fenced and constantly kept watch over day and night by guards. There is a large car parking. The language spoken is English.

A few meters away from the resort there is a beautiful mangrove scrub that creates enchanting atolls of coral sand with low tide where you can freely walk around. The wildlife is incredible - amphibians, crabs,seaurchins,seastars,octopuses and tropical fish.(

Contacts: Mob. +255 (0) 754 073573/ 713 917754 - E mail: